Thursday, June 13, 2024


Lansik’s AI glucose management solution Glucofit secures $1M pre-Series A

Lansik inc. running AI glucose management solution 'Glucofit' announced on Feb. 27th that it has raised 1.2million won in pre-Series A round.

This investment was led by Bon Angels, with participation from Capstone Partners, Infobank, and Dcamp.

Glucofit, launched in November 2022, is the first glucose management solution in South Korea. The service was developed based on medical evidence that individuals' blood sugar responses can vary even when eating the same food. 

By attaching a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sensor to the arm and integrating it with the Glucofit app, blood sugar data can be measured in real-time without blood sampling. 

Currently, Abbott's continuous blood glucose monitoring device 'Freestyle Libre' is integrated into the Glucofit app, and plans to integrate Dexcom's CGM device 'Dexcom G7' in the first half of this year.

Users can check real-time blood sugar measurement and analysis through the Glucofit app, and intuitively understand how food and lifestyle habits affect their blood sugar levels. Additionally, by recording food intake, users can receive real-time personalized feedback on how to adjust their diet to prevent blood sugar spikes.  Through this, autonomous blood sugar management is possible, aiding in weight loss, and users can receive 1:1 consultations with medical professionals within the app.

Glucofit's service primarily targets 15 million people, including pre-diabetic patients and those seeking healthy weight management. This year's strategy includes expanding to B2B business models through Employee health management programs, gyms, and collaboration with clinics.

Lansik plans to focus on service enhancement for securing new customers and improving customer satisfaction through this round of investment. This includes refining the AI blood sugar prediction algorithm and providing extensive feedback from AI doctors through LLM to establish differentiation and competitiveness.

Bon Angels partner Yoon Jong-il, who led this investment, stated, "Despite the commercialization of CGM devices, slow expansion was due to the absence of easily accessible services," emphasizing the potential of Glucofit in enabling easy confirmation and management of blood sugar, given its significant impact on health.

Lansik CEO Yang Hyuk-yong expressed ambition, stating, "Obesity and metabolic diseases are becoming global issues, and with an increasing population actively managing them, the CGM market is growing at an average annual rate of 12% worldwide." He added, "Through the AI glucose management solution Glucofit, we aim not only to capture the Korean market but also to become a global glucose management solution, ultimately preventing diseases for a billion people.

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