Saturday, February 17, 2024


Quantit, SNU’s College of Engineering sign MOU to promote financial investment model research program

AI fintech company Quantit announced on June 8th that it has signed a MOU to promote an educational program for research on financial investment models using big data and AI technology together with Seoul National University's (“SNU”) College of Engineering.

Quantit plans to conduct research on investment models based on its self-developed FINTER platform with students at SNU's College of Engineering. This will provide hands on experience to R&D roles of fintech companies through online/offline coaching support and distribution of educational content for big data and AI-based financial investment model research platform.

"In order to study data-based analysis and decision-making models, it is essential to have an infrastructure that can efficiently handle big data and apply it to research models, but infrastructure of this type are inaccessible from universities and research institutions," said Quantit CEO Duck Hee Han.

"Through this partnership with SNU's College of Engineering, we expect that effective investment model research education will be possible using Python API by providing Quantit's FINTER platform, which is a big data-based financial investment model research platform.”

“As we enter the AI era, the timing gap between academic research and industry application is almost nil, so we expect the capabilities of SNU students will be strengthened through this program and thus create direct industrial value," said Han.

"I am very pleased that our students will have a great opportunity to work on projects related to the development of big data-based AI financial investment models with AI fintech professionals and experience the R&D roles of fintech companies," said Yoo Suk Hong, Dean of SNU's College of Engineering. He added, "We expect great synergy through the excellent talent pool of SNU and Quantit’s solid IT infrastructure."

AI fintech company Quantit has been recognized for its technological capabilities in the B2B market by having provided numerous financial investment solutions to major financial institutions in the banking, securities and asset management sector through its fully automated FINTER platform for big data-based investment model development.

Meanwhile, Quantit is expanding its business scope to B2C services by having launched 'Olly', a robo-advisory service on December 2022 which provides automatic global asset allocation investment strategies to individual clients.

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