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Healthcare Startup Algocare Attracts Investment from D-camp

D-camp has recognized Algocare's human resources and technological capabilities
The introduction of Algocare's services into D-camp's Front1 workspace has been well received

Photo : Algocare’s IoT Nutrition Appliance (Algocare Nutrition Engine Pro 1)

credit : Algocare,

Algocare, an AI-based healthcare startup (CEO Jiwon Jeong), announced on the 12th that it has attracted investment from D-camp. 

Algocare is a company that provides personalized service-type nutrition management solutions (NaaS, Nutrition-as-a-Service) to individuals or corporations. Algocare NaaS analyzes users' health status and combines real-time nutritional supplements using healthcare AI and IoT nutrition management appliance. Its flagship product is "Algocare at Work" for businesses, and "Algocare at Home" for home use is scheduled for release in the second half of this year.

D-camp has invested in Algocare, recognizing the company's human resources and technological capabilities, and innovation within the healthcare industry. D-camp was also influenced by Algocare's global technological prowess, having won the CES Innovation Award for three consecutive years from 2021 to 2023. In addition, Algocare's team of experts in various fields have the expertise and regulatory compliance to significantly change daily life in the domestic and international healthcare industries.

Algocare previously won recognition for its potential on the event in 2020 "D-camp D-Day”. D-camp D-Day is a demo day held every last week of the month to help early-stage startups with potential growth.

Since the end of March, D-camp has been providing Algocare's services as a benefit for Front1 workspace tenants. It has been reported that the service has shown a high conversion rate and usage rate since its introduction.

Algocare plans to further advance its nutritional management solution technology based on this investment. The investment amount is undisclosed.

Algocare CEO Jiwon Jeong said, "Through this investment, we will continue to make efforts to create an environment where individuals can receive personalized nutrition management for their health."

Algocare is an AI-based healthcare service founded in 2019 by CEO Jiwon Jeong, who graduated from Seoul National University's Law School.

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