Saturday, July 13, 2024


MLOps platform 'VESSL AI' has announced a collaboration with 'CHEQUER' to secure data in artificial intelligence.

Photo : Brant Hwang, CEO of Checker (4th from left), and Jae Man Ahn, CEO of Vesle AI (3rd from left).

VESSL AI, an MLOps platform, has entered into a strategic alliance with CHEQUER, an advanced data governance and service organization control solution provider. This collaboration aims to bring enhanced data security to the field of artificial intelligence. 

This strategic alliance between VESSL AI and CHEQUER marks a new era of secure and compliant AI/ML development and will ensure that the deployment of AI/ML models is done securely and in compliance with regulatory authorities such as ISMS, PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. VESSL AI and CHEQUER will work closely together to explore feature integrations in order to drive next-generation MLOps and SecOps standards in Artificial Intelligence.

As a part of the strategic alliance, VESSL AI will adopt CHEQUER’s data governance application QueryPie, as its primary platform to secure and manage customer data and explore feature integrations to drive strong MLOps and SecOps standards in AI. The two companies will also seek a potential mutual sales opportunity, leveraging their expertise and presence in the machine learning and data security industries, as well as the larger data industry. 

“QueryPie’s aim is to ensure the security and privacy of organizational data and make it compliance-ready. Data-driven organizations transitioning to AI will greatly benefit from our collaboration with VESSL AI. We are excited to bring MLSecOps in model development and expand our market footprint in Artificial Intelligence.” CHEQUER’s CEO, Brant Hwang, said.

SunJin Jeong, CISO VESSL AI, stated, “As more companies are accelerating their AI efforts with even larger and more complex data, data security & governance have become more important than ever before. With this collaboration, VESSL AI is further strengthening our security efforts, specifically in ISMS (Information Security Management System), cloud-native and zero trust security, and big data access control, and we hope to secure our customers' most valued machine learning assets with CHEQUER.”