Friday, May 17, 2024


Vive Studios gets the green light to the overseas expansion of its virtual production business

Vive Studios demonstrates its AI-based virtual production technology at 2023 NAB Show, the world's largest broadcasting equipment exhibition
Favorable reviews from leading global media groups in Europe and video production professionals around the world have led to collaboration requests
Vive Studios says, “The great shift in the global production environment towards virtual production has been confirmed; we will quickly complete preparations and set out to enter overseas markets.”

Photo : Vive Studios’ Virtual Studio @ 2023 NAB Show

The green light is on for Korean virtual production technologies to expand overseas.

Vive Studios, Korea's leading AI-based virtual production content art technology company, showcased virtual production and generative AI-based virtual human production technology solutions at the 2023 NAB Show, the world's largest international broadcasting equipment exhibition, which was held from April 15 through April 19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, raising expectations for Vive Studios' full-scale overseas expansion.

During the show, Vive Studios set up a studio with LG LED display panels where it demonstrated the use of XR technology through VIT (ViveStudios Immersive Technology), an integrated control solution for virtual production. It also showcased, in real time, the highest level of hyper-realistic digital contents that combine in-camera VFX, AR, and reaging technologies, receiving a great response from industry stakeholders who visited the site.

Visitors to the 2023 NAB Show could check out new technological innovation trends in the field of visual media at a glance. The category that attracted the most attention during the show is none other than virtual production, which is already spreading rapidly across the world on the strength of its overwhelming work efficiency, including effects in streamlining the production process and reducing production time as well as improving sustainability.

Vive Studios fueled the interest in virtual production further by unveiling VIT, the first virtual production operations solution developed in-house in Asia to control operations at virtual production sites efficiently. More than anything else, VIT attracted attention as customer-friendly solutions equipped with exquisite and precise zoom-lens calibrations automated by the company’s own AI technology as well as a broad range of functions optimized to the production of digital contents that use various virtual production

technologies, such as AR, VR, and XR. Thanks to the keen interest in VIT, Vive Studios received requests for business meetings to discuss separate business proposals from leading global media companies who visited the site.

In addition to this, Vive Studios ran an experience zone to allow visitors to experience its generative AI-based virtual human production tools, including the real-time re-aging and face swap tools that its AI Research Institute completed for the first time in the world.

These tools are of an incomparably high level and have also received an enthusiastic response.

Vive Studios CEO Stanley Kim said, "An official from a leading global media group in Europe that I met while watching a Vive Studios demonstration said, ‘One of the biggest things that I got from the 2023 NAB Show was getting to know Vive Studios’. We are getting attention from across the world, and we are proud of such a high level of interest that exceeds our expectations.” He also added, “This event has confirmed again the great shift n the global media content production environment towards virtual production. It has also brought international recognition to Vive Studios' advanced production capabilities and technologies. Therefore, we will quickly gear up and get ready to enter the overseas markets in earnest.”

Vive Studios is an AI-based virtual production content art tech company with world-class production capabilities in virtual production, digital immersive experience, and computer graphic image (CGI) with cutting-edge technologies and creative storytelling. It has made a big splash not only with its AI-enabled virtual human “Jilju” but also with the production of BTS Original Story videos for HIVE and TV documentaries titled Meet You and Kiss the Universe based on its virtual content production and immersive content technologies. Vive Studios is committed to developing diverse AI-based software that can be used in virtual

production and 3D modeling solutions that incorporate AI technology, through its own AI R&D laboratory called VIV Lab.