Monday, June 10, 2024


Ripple AI Selected for Seoul Business Agency's 2023 SBA Accelerator Round 2

Ripple Ai, announced on the 21st that it has been selected for the second round of the 2023 SBA Acceleration Program, organized by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA).

The SBA Accelerating Project is a program that discovers startups with high growth potential and supports their growth through investment. Selected companies can receive investment support of up to KRW 500 million. This project was conducted through a total of three rounds of screening and evaluation, and two companies, including Ripple AI, were finally selected.

Ripple AI is a startup founded by Professor Gunhee Kim, who leads the visual and learning lab at Seoul National University's Department of Computer Engineering, and provides solutions necessary for video content production based on the world's best multimodal AI technology.

In this SBA acceleration program, it was recognized for its technology and growth potential by introducing its own K-content short form appreciation and transaction service "Mublet." Ripple AI aims to lead a virtuous cycle of the K-content ecosystem by creating new added value for K-content using AI technology through the Mublet service.

An SBA official said, "Ripple AI's excellent AI technology and its desire to explore new markets for copyright and video reorganization based on it were highly evaluated "In the future, we plan to help the growth of the Mublet through various support projects operated by SBA," he said.

"As many startups are facing difficulties due to the cold investment market, we are both grateful and responsible that the SBA, a public organization, agreed with our AI technology and vision to increase the added value of K-culture," said Gunhee Kim, CEO of Ripple AI. "We will strive to become a technology and culture company that represents K-content and short-form platforms that apply AI technology to the video media industry."

Meanwhile, Ripple AI has a history of attracting KRW 2 billion  worth of pre-series A investment from a number of investors, including Capstone Partners, in March last year, and aims to attract series A investment based on the selection of SBA acceleration.

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