Monday, June 10, 2024


Muhayu provides self-introduction AI analysis service with Job Korea

Muhayu, a practical AI technology company that specializes in natural language processing, announced on the 22nd that it has partnered with the job platform Job Korea to offer a self-introduction AI analysis service. Muhayu's service, called 'Prism', will help check for plagiarism in recruitment documents by providing an AI-based evaluation of self-introduction statements.

Muhayu has developed and operates Copykiller, a plagiarism checking service that utilizes AI's natural language processing technology. Copykiller is currently used by more than 3025 organizations, including public institutions, schools, researchers, private companies, and over 10 million individuals. Leveraging the AI technology know-how gained through Copykiller over the past 11 years, Muhayu has expanded into HR services since 2018, providing various solutions such as the AI-based recruitment self-introduction evaluation service called 'Prism' and Korea's first interactive AI interview service, 'Monster'.

Through this partnership, corporate members and HR managers of Job Korea can now leverage Prism's plagiarism check function to verify the ethics and sincerity of applicants when reviewing self-introduction letters. This will help speed up the recruitment process in the current era of frequent hiring and enable them to quickly find and secure top talent.

Once the HR staff has selected the candidate they wish to evaluate, they can click on "Analyze Cover Letter". Muhayu's AI technology will then compare and analyze the content of the candidate's recruitment documents, including the resume and cover letter, against a database of 10 billion documents to identify instances of plagiarism and plagiarized sentences.

A representative from Job Korea stated, "We aim to improve the work efficiency of HR managers by providing the self-introduction AI analysis service and hope that companies can hire more suitable talent as a result." They also added, "Job Korea will continue to provide customized services to job seekers and employers."

According to Hee-soo Kim, COO of Muhayu, "When Prism analyzed 1.23 million cover letters over the course of a year, 47% of them had plagiarism rates of 30% or more." They also added, "By automating document evaluation with Prism, we can reduce the burden of evaluation and increase the evaluation speed."

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