Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Annotation AI to Operate 'AI Barista Robot Booth' at 2023 Seoul Coffee Expo

credit : Annotation AI

Annotation AI announced on the 11th that it participated in the ‘2023 Seoul Coffee Expo’ and introduced its technology to the food and beverage market through AI barista robots.

The 2023 Seoul Coffee Expo is the largest coffee-specialized expo in Korea where it can identify trends in coffee-related machines, equipment, beverages, desserts, kitchenware, and IT solutions for stores. It was held in COEX Halls A and B for four days from April 5th to 8th, and this year, about 250 companies and 900 booths were operated.

Seoul Coffee Expo selects and manages only 15,000 buyers, and maintains high buyer quality by actively attracting new buyers and those who are preparing to start a cafe or restaurant business every year.

Annotation AI’s AI barista robot ‘VAIRI’ is an AI barista robot that learns data with trendy visuals and deep learning technology, and guarantees consistent taste and efficiency of coffee.

In addition, it provides non-stop service that can replace simple, repetitive and difficult work by humans, and is based on the concept of 'continuous learning', which continuously collects data and self-learns.

DongKuk Yoon, CEO of Annotation AI, said, “While operating a booth during the Seoul Coffee Expo, we conducted on-site consultations for introduction and operation from prospective customers such as global hotel chains, domestic leading hotels, department stores, large retailers, and rental service companies.

AI barista robot VAIRI : https://www.vairi-coffee.com/