Friday, July 19, 2024



Fitogether Inc. announced today that it has been selected by Major League Soccer to be a part of the inaugural year of MLS Innovation Lab. The new program will shape the future of sports through the identification of cutting-edge startups and advanced technologies to help develop the next generation of athletes, enhance the fan experience and drive continued growth for MLS and its Clubs. Officially kicked off in December at MLS NEXT FEST in Arizona, MLS Innovation Lab is the latest initiative from Major League Soccer, which has been recognized as a global leader in innovation.

Fitogether–the exclusive FIFA Preferred Provider for Wearable Player Tracking–was validated as the most accurate solution with centimeter-level data accuracy. Beyond tracking, Fitogether analyzes an athlete's every step based on accurate speed data for more sophisticated performance assessment and injury prevention. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Fitogether is pioneering the future of soccer analysis. Fitogether is enhancing its capabilities with a wearable-optical hybrid system, aiming to seamlessly estimate soccer context, promising a more comprehensive analysis by interpreting positional data for ball location, possession, team formation, and player roles estimation. Fitogether is not just a provider; they are the architects of precision, revolutionizing player tracking and data-driven insights in the world of sports.

Fitogether was selected to be part of the program’s inaugural cohort following a rigorous evaluation process which vetted hundreds of companies. Through MLS Innovation Lab, all companies within the cohort will have the chance to test their products in real-world environments throughout the MLS ecosystem, including events such MLS NEXT FEST, Generation adidas Cup, MLS NEXT Cup and the MLS NEXT All-Star Game presented by All-State, among others.

"We are truly honored to stand among the pioneers in the inaugural year of MLS Innovation Lab, contributing to the exponential growth of Major League Soccer and the sport at large," shared Jinsung Yoon, Fitogether CEO. "This opportunity is nothing short of extraordinary, and we enthusiastically embrace the exhilarating challenge of refining and advancing our products throughout the remarkable journey that is 2024."

The League’s forward-thinking approach is the driver behind the creation of MLS Innovation Lab. MLS recently formed an unprecedented ten-year partnership with Apple that reimagined how soccer fans consumed games – with no blackouts and all matches on a single platform. The 2023 season also saw the start of Leagues Cup, a partnership with Liga MX and Concacaf, the first in-season tournament by a major professional league in North America. In recent years, MLS has been at the forefront of video review in soccer – with the MLS Video Review program later mirrored by other leagues around the world – and MLS was the first major men’s league in North America to return to play during the COVID-19 pandemic when it hosted the MLS is Back tournament in 2020. 

“Major League Soccer strives to be the front porch of innovation for the sports industry," said Gary Stevenson, Deputy Commissioner of MLS and President of Soccer United Marketing. "In that spirit, MLS Innovation Lab provides a truly unique offering in global sports. We are really looking forward to working with Fitogether. Our 2024 cohort places a spotlight on some of the most exciting tech startups from around the world, and we eagerly anticipate their impact on the sport in the years to come.”

Following the conclusion of all testing opportunities, Fitogether Inc., along with all other companies in the cohort, will be in the running to be selected to present to MLS executives and owners with the promising companies having the potential to earn long-term strategic partnerships and investment opportunities from the League.

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