Friday, May 17, 2024


Acloset got featured on Google Play Store

Revolutionizing the Second-hand Fashion Market with Personalized Deals Based on User's Digital Closet

AI Fashion startup Looko’s digital closet platform, “Acloset”, has been selected as a Google Play Featured app and will be recommended at the top of the Google Play store's main screen from February 24th to March 2nd. This recognition is awarded to apps that have a user rating of 4.0 or higher and have passed a thorough assessment of their design, technology, and functionality.

Acloset allows users to take pictures of their clothes and manage their digital closets from anywhere. With AIbased outfit recommendations, OOTD calendars, and style analysis features, users can enjoy a smart fashion lifestyle. With over 1.4 million global users since its official launch in February 2021, the app has been a hit with users worldwide. 

Acloset recently expanded its service to a second-hand fashion market, enabling users to buy and sell clothes they no longer wear. Unlike other existing platforms that focus solely on the exchange of used items, Acloset allows users to easily find second-hand clothes that  complement their digital closets. Furthermore, Acloset offers users a complete shopping and styling experience, enabling them to seamlessly manage their purchases and improve their overall fashion sense.

Heasin Ko, the CEO of Looko said, "Thanks to our loyal users who have consistently used our app for the past two years, Acloset got featured on Google Play. Acloset will be evolved into a digital-closet-based marketplace so that users can enjoy the entire experience of smart fashion including buying, wearing, and selling clothes.”

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