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Plant-based food-tech 'Dvotion', develops new technology for plant-based fibers.

Photo : Dvotion, an alternative protein food-tech startup, has developed plant-based shrimp using its newly developed technology of plant-based fiber. Dvotion has commercialized the product as “Dvotion Plant-Based Zero Cholesterol Real Dumpling” with shrimp flavor, utilizing the plant-based shrimp,.

Dvotion, an alternative meat food-tech startup, has developed a new technology for plant-based fibers, becoming the first company in Korea. Using this technology, the company has developed a plant-based shrimp product, the zero-cholesterol plant-based shrimp dumpling, which is the first of its kind in Korea.

Dvtoion’s plant-based fibers, which were developed through “structure reorganization” technology, create tissue that is 90% similar to the various textures found in different parts of meat. This enables the company to produce plant-based alternatives to meat and seafood that closely resemble the real thing. Furthermore, Dvotion’s plant-based meat alternatives will be more nutritious than conventional alternatives and can become a key ingredient that satisfies both taste and nutritional requirements.

The company’s latest product, the Dvotion Plant-based zero-cholesterol dumpling with a steamed shrimp flavor, not only reproduces the texture of shrimp with its plant-based fibers but also uses precise analysis of seaweed to express the ocean flavor of shrimp. It is receiving a lot of attention from not only vegans but also consumers who need to control their intake of cholesterol and calories as the 100% plant-based dumpling is more nutritious.

Through its innovative plant-based materials technology, Dvotion is becoming a leading company in the plant-based seafood industry. Yongmin Lee, the director in charge of research and development(co-founder), stated that the company will continue to research various plant-based alternatives to provide a variety of culinary experiences. “Dvotion’s plant-based zero-cholesterol dumpling allows consumers to enjoy the taste of traditional shrimp dumplings without worrying about cholesterol, and it has only 140 kcal per 100g, which is light and nutritious,” He also added,” We hope that this will be a good opportunity for people to choose vegan food for dietary management, even if they are not pursuing a vegan lifestyle.”

It is noteworthy that Dvotion was selected for the Forward Fooding’s FoodTech 500, a list of the world’s top 500 food-tech startups, for the second consecutive year in 2021-2022.

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