Saturday, February 17, 2024


SBS M's ‘THE SHOW’ will be exclusively released onK-POP 8K 3D VR app ‘VENTA X’

'THE SHOW’ VR content will introduce new artists every week through ‘VENTA X’

credit : VENTA VR

SBS M’s music program, ‘THE SHOW’, has announced that its VR content will be exclusively released on ‘VENTA X’, a K-POP 8K 3D VR app. ‘THE SHOW’ VR content was previously available on the LG U+DIVE app, but it will now be serviced by VENTA VR, a subsidiary of LG U+.

‘THE SHOW’ is a Korean music broadcasting program aired on SBS M. It is the first music broadcasting program to introduce global real-time fan voting, and the global K-POP music variety show that overseas fans can enjoy together via LIVE. 

Officials from VENTA X and SBS M stated, “VENTA X is filmed with 8K 3D VR quality that surpasses existing K-POP performances, providing viewers with a realistic experience as if the artist is right in front of them.” They also added, “We will create a great synergy between THE SHOW and VENTA X through VR, allowing global fans to make eye contact with their favorite artists and enjoy K-POP performances, thereby fostering a new culture of entertainment.”

The ‘VENTA X’ app, which offers this service, is an 8K 3D VR performance specialized app released in January 2023 on the Meta Quest App lab by VENTA VR, a company with unrivaled production experience in the K-POP genre. VENTA VR's patented technology, the ‘3D VR close-up shooting technique’, has won awards twice in the VR category at the Venice Film Festival, was officially invited to the 2021 SXSW, and also won the 2021 Red Dot Award in the meta-verse field, demonstrating its technical prowess and artistic excellence.

VENTA X successfully completed the first performance with K-POP group Dreamcatcher’s “The Curse of the Spider”, which showcased the worldview of the rock metal genre. The performance content has gained immense popularity not only in Korea, but also in the United States, Japan, and Europe. It was also highly praised and earned a perfect score of 86% from users of the Meta Quest App lab.

‘THE SHOW’ VR performance video content will introduce 2-3 new artists every week in 3D VR video, and a total of about 70 VR videos will be provided through ‘VENTA X’ for about a year. This service is available for free streaming on Meta Quest App lab and can be accessed by anyone who has downloaded the app on their Meta Quest 2 device. Upload schedules and cast information can be found on the official Twitter and YouTube channels.