Saturday, July 13, 2024


QueryPie Participates in ISEC 2023 with Orca Security

Image: CDPP by QueryPie & CNAPP by Orca Security

CHEQUER Inc., the provider of the cloud solution QueryPie, announced on Sep 11, 2023, that it will participate in ISEC 2023, Asia's largest security event, which will take place at COEX from September 19th to 20th, 2023.

ISEC 2023 is a cybersecurity conference aimed at raising awareness of cybersecurity, a key element of digital transformation, with participation from 200 organizations and companies from 20 countries. CHEQUER will host a joint booth with its partner Orca Security, which signed a partnership in June.

In particular, CHEQUER’s QueryPie DAC (QueryPie Database Access Controller), a leading CDPP, and QueryPie SAC (QueryPie Database Access Controller), a comprehensive security and management solution for all system components, have been seamlessly integrated with Orca Security’s CNAPP,  Orca Security Premium, to provide enhanced total cloud protection platform. 

Orca Security’s CNAPP enables expansive agentless security management in cloud environments covering Cloud Security Posture Management (CCPM), Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), and Cloud Identity & Entitlement Management (CIEM) technologies. 

Additionally, on September 19, CHEQUER’s CISO, Kenny Park, reknowned as  ISEC's "Best Speaker" from the previous year, will speak about security in a cloud-native environment. A solution to cloud security that enables integrated management of development infrastructure, data access control, and other related tasks to help organizations reduce costs and increase revenue in cloud environments through data governance solutions will be addressed. A joint session by CHEQUER and Orca Security is scheduled for the 20th. 

Brant Hwang, CEO & Founder of CHEQUER, expressed his enthusiasm by stating, “We are excited to jointly exhibit at ISEC 2023 with Orca Security to demonstrate our advanced cloud security solutions and comprehensive compliance offerings for protecting organizations’ digital assets and cyber security on a single platform.”

CHEQUER signed a partnership agreement with Orca Security to combine domestic cloud security technology with global leading security solutions aimed at providing a total security solution covering CDPP and CNAPP.