Saturday, July 13, 2024


Stayfolio launches B2B product for businesses to book 500+ fine stays

credit : Stayfolio

Fine-stage curation platform Stayfolio Co., Ltd. said it has launched a B2B product targeted at enterprise customers.

The new B2B product is characterized by the ability to use StayPoolio's unique curated Fine Stays to suit corporate situations and needs. It consists of a gift card, a gift certificate for accommodation, and a rechargeable product, Stay Cash.

Gift cards can be freely set in amount and quantity according to business needs. Stays curated by Stayfolio can be freely booked, making them ideal for VIP benefits or event prizes. The balance is non-lapsing and can be used within the term, and additional payments can be made through a variety of payment methods.

Stay Cash is a product suitable for employee welfare and can be recharged and used according to budget. It is characterized by being suitable for welfare and budget management as reservation details can be integrated and managed in corporate accounts.You can book stays that fit your organization's needs and employees' preferences, and communicate those reservations to them. Unused cash can be refunded within the period, allowing for flexible budget management and use as a welfare system.

B2B products are available for over 500 fine stays in Korea and abroad. From architect's houses, traditional Jeju stone houses, hanoks, and heritage homes to outdoor stays such as airstreams and cabins, new stays that are different from existing accommodations are targeted.

"We will introduce stays in various regions and styles to meet the needs of consumers who prefer personalized and differentiated accommodation experiences," said Sangmook Lee, CEO of Stayfolio."We plan to expand gift card gifting to our general customer base in the future."

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