Friday, May 10, 2024


NEOPIN partners with Tripbtoz to establish ‘Next generation Web3.0 travel platform’

NEOPIN, a global CeDeFi platform, announced its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Tripbtoz to develop a Web 3.0-based travel platform.

Tripbtoz is a innovative travel startup based in Seoul, South Korea. Beyond simple travel commerce, Tripbtoz offers features such as a "community" for sharing travel videos and a "reward system" in the form of "Tripcash". These features have formed a positive travel cycle, resulting in rapid growth in total revenue and monthly active users (MAUs) since the launch in 2017. After an in-depth discussion, NEOPIN and Tripbtoz, who established a connection as officials of the business delegation that accompanied the Korean government's economic summit with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last January, decided to collaborate on a Web3.0 project based in the Middle East. 

This collaboration between NEOPIN and Tripbtoz is particularly significant as it is the first incubation project in which NEOPIN supports the web3 transition of a web2 tech company. NEOPIN will help translate Tripbtoz's existing travel platform into a Web 3.0 version that will showcase the "Travel Web3.0'' ecosystem for young travelers to communicate. Through this MOU with Tripbtoz, which is the first use case of applying Web3.0 to the natural economy, NEOPIN intends to maximize its resources to support the global success of Tripbtoz.

Jake Kim, the CEO of NEOPIN, stated that as NEOPIN participates in the incubation and supports Tripbtoz's Web3.0 translation, we aim to turn the service into a successful Web3.0 travel platform by leveraging both companies’ experience in blockchain and the travel industry. He also emphasized that with the greater responsibility that comes from this cooperation, which arose from the connection at the business delegation, we will do our best to ensure the high performance.

Jiha Jung, the CEO of Tripbtoz, stated, “The travel industry is in a big transition period, with lines blurring between the real world and metaverse. We want to create Tripbtoz to excite its customers with high-performing ‘Travel to Earn’ service that is perfectly suitable for Web 3.0.” He also added, "The combination of travel and future tech will disrupt the existing ecosystem, eventually creating a new form of industry.”

About Tripbtoz 

Tripbtoz launched its service as a user-created video-based OTA (Online Travel Agency) in June 2017. It introduced the world's first T2E (Travel to Earn) service, which connects users with their experiences and rewards them with other users' reactions. Tripbtoz has received recognition, including the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award at the '2020 K-Startup Challenge' and the Prime Minister's Commendation at 'The 49th Tourism Day Celebration.'

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