Friday, July 19, 2024


Global K-Beauty distributor company Signature Label Secures Seed Investment from CJ Investment and Atinum Partners

Global K-Beauty distributor Signature Label Inc. has announced that it has secured seed investment from CJ Investment and Atinum Partners. 

Signature Label supports the overseas expansion of K-Beauty brands and has introduced its skincare brand ZIGTAG to both domestic and international markets. Founded in March last year by CEO Jimmy Lee, who previously succeeded in the Southeast Asian expansion of domestic cosmetic brands Skin1004 and 9Wishes at B2Link, and Jinny Kim, co-founder and COO from startup accelerator Blue Point Partners. Currently, the company is engaged in distributing products for over 30 domestic beauty brands overseas and collaborates with major distribution partners in more than 10 countries, including Indonesia's Beauty Haul, Vietnam's TDIC, Japan’s Wellness Beaute and the United States' TJX.

Launched in August last year, 'ZIGTAG', a fashionable skincare brand targeting global consumers, is a new K-Skincare brand with outstanding functionality, unique concepts, and competitive prices. The newly secured investment will be primarily utilized to further enhance the global performance of ZIGTAG and domestic cosmetic brands.

CJ Investment, leading this investment, stated, "Based on Signature Label's robust network in the global distribution market, we believe that they can rapidly execute global expansion and achieve remarkable results. We anticipate ZIGTAG, created by understanding global market needs, to quickly grow into a beloved K-Skincare brand worldwide."

Signature Label commented, "With K-Beauty gaining momentum worldwide, especially among the MZ generation, the current trend presents a great opportunity for the successful overseas expansion of domestic indie brands and ZIGTAG. We will provide all the expertise and networks necessary to swiftly discover outstanding domestic products and create success stories of beloved K-Beauty brands worldwide."