Saturday, July 13, 2024


Game developer 'Puzzle Monsters' attracts investment from Com2uS-affiliated VC 'Crit Ventures.'

Blockchain game developer 'Puzzle Monsters' has announced that it has attracted investment from the venture capital firm 'Crit Ventures,' a subsidiary of Com2uS.

Puzzle Monsters is a company that has successfully launched games based on creative ideas and excellent market understanding. "Idle Ninja" and "Ninja Survivors" are the main games developed by Puzzle Monsters, and they have gained popularity not only in South Korea but also in the global market.

Especially, "Idle Ninja" is Puzzle Monsters' representative IP that has been running for over two years. It ranked #1 in the mobile market by boldly introducing blockchain technology towards the end of 2021, continuously demonstrating unique progress through the fusion of technology and market.

Com2uS, the investor behind this investment, is on the verge of launching the first service of its all-in-one metaverse, 'Com2Verse'. It aims to lead the Web 3.0 market with various games based on the blockchain mainnet XPLA. Crit Ventures is also expanding its investment portfolio in promising Web 3.0 content and platform companies.

The plan is to onboard Puzzle Monsters' current main games and various upcoming games to XPLA, creating maximum synergy through this collaboration.

Jin-hwan Yang(Puzzle Monsters CEO) stated, "We aim to present better products to the market both in terms of gameplay and blockchain technology. With the investment from Crit Ventures, we look forward to focusing more on game development and securing a faster and more meaningful presence in the blockchain infrastructure and community."

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