Thursday, June 6, 2024


E-book B2B startup bookers raises seed investment from bluepoint

bookers, an ebook and audiobook B2B startup, announced the 13th that it has raised seed funding from accelerator bluepoint. The amount of the investment is undisclosed.

bookers is a company that provides a subscription-type e-book platform for public and university libraries, elementary, middle and high schools, as well as corporations, local governments, and government agencies.

It has been recognized for its competitiveness by building optimized marketing and sales channels based on its own technology and securing 115,000 books of content in the shortest period of time in the industry. Currently, it provides services to more than 40 organizations nationwide, including the National Assembly Busan Library, Yongin Public Library, Daegu Central Library, and Busan Library.

bluepoint made the investment based on Bookers' expertise in the e-book market and the growth of the B2B market.

"bookers is a team with years of networking and experience in the e-book market," said Sungho Lee, bluepoint's Senior Associate, "and we appreciate the fact that they are entering the niche B2B and B2G markets in the existing B2C-focused e-book market."

"bluepoint's investment is a recognition of our business and expertise, and we will continue to grow into a more professional and differentiated platform based on technology," said Dongmyung Lim, CEO of bookers.

Meanwhile, bookers has been selected as the final team of the 12th Gibo Venture Camp, a technology guarantee fund, and the 2023 Early Startup Package Support Program.

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