Friday, July 19, 2024


Telechips Invests in Boston-Based Radar Company, Aura Intelligent Systems to Expand Presence in Autonomous Driving Market

Telechips and AURA have entered into an investment agreement to collaborate on automotive technologies. (Graphic: Telechips)

Telechips, is looking to increase its presence in the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) semiconductor market through investment in a digital imaging radar (RADAR) company.

Telechips announced its agreement to invest an undisclosed amount in Aura Intelligent Systems (“AURA”), a radar technology solution development firm based in Boston, USA, on March 19th, 2024. Telechips joins existing investors including a semiconductor legend Ray Stata (Founder of ADI), Activate Global, and GigaScale Capital. AURA specializes in next-generation radar technologies for Autonomous Driving. Aura’s high-resolution radars, combined with cameras and LiDARs, provide 360-degree coverage of the environment and enhance AD performance and safety. AURA's patented technology overcomes the critical limitations of existing radars, which suffer from low resolution and phantom targets due to radio interferences.

AURA's groundbreaking “high-fidelity, high-resolution imaging radar” technology promises to address existing radar’s resolution and interference problems, offering an innovative solution that complements cameras and LiDARs. Once commercialized, the company anticipates positioning its product as a critical sensor for autonomous driving.

Dr. Jungah Lee, CEO of AURA, stated, “Today’s radar technology dates back to the 1950’s. Aura is bringing in digital disruption to radars, just like what happened in the mobile phone industry. Aura has been advancing the technology with support from DARPA and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Aura’s software-defined imaging radar will unlock new possibilities in autonomous mobility. The strategic investment and collaboration with Telechips will help accelerate technology commercialization.” A former Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs, she served as a Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics, leading technology and systems innovations. With over 40 patents in mobile communications and radar imaging, she is recognized as a leader in the radar imaging field.

Jangkyu Lee, CEO of Telechips, said, "With our successful entry into the autonomous driving market and strategies for next-generation semiconductor technology, AURA‘s patented technology presents promising prospects for future growth. Through this investment, we will focus on enhancing business cooperation with our AI semiconductor chips, such as the high-performance vision processor ’N-Dolphin' and the AI accelerator ‘A2X.’