Monday, June 10, 2024


'Your Factory' operator 'Make4U' raises seed investment from Bone Angels

Photo: left: Yuk Jae-woo COO, right: CEO Lee Ho-min

Make4U, the operator of online manufacturing service Your Factory Shop, announced that it has raised seed funding from Bone Angels. The amount of the investment is undisclosed.

"Your Factory's service operation method is a good fit, and 'Make4U's CEO Lee Ho-min's understanding of the manufacturing industry is high, so we decided to invest," said Bone Angels.

During the open beta test period, 80,000 visitors came to Your Factory to find a manufacturer, out of which KRW 4.6 billion  in quotes were generated and KRW 3.2 billion in deals were signed.

"The manufacturing industry is an offline-oriented industry, so we aim to create a structure where all manufacturing industry seeds and companies can win-win by shifting the manufacturing method online and making it more efficient with AI and deep learning technology," said Lee Homin, CEO of MakeforU. He added, "I experienced the inconvenience of the offline-oriented manufacturing industry firsthand when I worked in the field for 9 years at a manufacturer run by my father, and I decided to create a service to make this inconvenient structure convenient.

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