Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Mindcafe operator Atommerce acquires meditation app Kokkiri

credit : MindCafe

Atommerce, the operator of the mental care platform Mindcafe, announced on the 27th that it has acquired Mind Class, which operates the meditation app Kokkiri.

Through the acquisition of 'Kokkiri(Mind Class)', MindCafe (Atommerce) will expand its meditation content beyond a simple wellness concept into evidence-based treatment content that mental health professionals can utilize in the field. In particular, it will strengthen its sleep care content for people who suffer from insomnia.

Mindcafe, a service that provides non-face-to-face psychological counseling and psychiatric care, will actively utilize meditation content not only online but also in offline cooperation centers and clinics nationwide. In particular, They are developing content specific to situations and symptoms and preparing programs that combine individual and group customized psychotherapy and meditation.

The company will also offer a mental care subscription service to more than 250 MindCafe EAP (Employee Assistance Program) clients and paying customers, leveraging more than 1,500 premium content from Kokkiri.

The acquisition is similar to the merger between unicorn meditation service Headspace and mental health therapist platform Ginger in the US. Headspace Health was valued at approximately KRW 4 trillion after the merger.  

Gyu Tae Kim, CEO of Atommerce, said, "The combination of mental care contents such as expert counseling and meditation is already spreading as a trend in the global market. Through this acquisition, we hope to increase both the scalability and profitability of our business, including enhancing user experience, strengthening online and offline linkage business, securing competitiveness in the B2B market, R&D of mental health technology, and overseas expansion."