Saturday, February 17, 2024


MDimune Wins Bronze at 2023 Edison Awards

MDimune Inc., a biotech company developing BioDrone™ platform technology, has won the Bronze Award at the 2023 Edison Awards. The company has won in the Health, Medical & Biotech category for its next-generation drug delivery platform BioDrone™, along with US-based biotech Moderna (Gold) and the Taiwanese research organization Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (Silver).

The Edison Awards, also known as the “Oscars of Innovation,” are named after the inventor Thomas Edison and recognize the highest levels of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity in technology, products, and business literature that demonstrate the greatest potential for positive impact in various industry sectors. Over 3,000 judges representing each industry sector evaluate entries for approximately seven months before selecting the winners.

MDimune’s BioDrone™ technology addresses the most critical limitations of the current drug delivery systems, such as a wide range of side effects and limited targeting abilities. Derived from natural human cells, cell-derived vesicles (CDVs) produced by extrusion technology display little toxicity or immunogenicity while exhibiting a high level of flexibility to allow various surface engineering, which can be used to steer vesicles toward lesions in a more selective manner. Compared to similar classes of nanovesicles like exosomes, the company’s proprietary extrusion technology enables up to 100 times greater yield in vesicle production that is more suitable for clinical applications.

Biotech company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, that specializes in the development of BioDrone™ platform, innovative therapeutic based on cell-derived vesicles (CDV).

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