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Mind Nook Surpasses 1M Subscribers

Wishcompany's expansion of content from beauty to meditation is yielding good results in line with the mental wellness trend
The 9-hour healing animation receives more than 2M views, reflecting a growing desire for calm and unobtrusive content

Global beauty company Wishcompany announced that its mental wellness brand ‘Mind Nook’ content gained popularity and surpassed a million subscribers.

With over 7.2 million subscribers worldwide, Wishcompany has aimed at offering more than just beauty products, producing a variety of content to differentiate itself from others in the industry.

Its first effort, Mind Nook, focuses on wellness-themed content designed for global viewers, such as meditation content based on professional theories, ASMR, and more, in line with the growing demand for healing and healthy inspiration.

Mind Nook launched on YouTube and TikTok in 2021, and the number of subscribers steadily expanded as it quietly went viral with its never-before-seen harmless and soothing content.

Mind Nook’s healing animation therapy series, featuring emotional animations inspired by fairy tales, has been particularly well-received. Among them, the Little Prince Asteroid Ambience video, which is distinctive for its playback time of 9 hours, is recording over 2 million views.

Moreover, simple but novel-themed content such as Mind Recipe, a Vlog-type meditation drama designed with the advice of the Korean Meditation Experts Association, and ASMR Vlogs under the theme of a Hanok Stay are gaining popularity.

“Mind Nook content was planned and released to soothe and comfort people tired of fast and stimulating content,” said Ma Han-saem, senior manager of Mind Nook at Wishcompany. “The beauty company Wishcompany pursues genuine beauty that arises from inner health and using this as a keyword, we will continue to communicate with customers,” She added.

Meanwhile, Mind Nook released a digital motion art content under the concept ‘Sound Sleep Hotel Mind Nook’ which uses white noise to aid good quality sleep and promote the importance of sleep, in celebration of World Sleep Day on March 17. This comfortable sound sleep content with the concept of hotel room check-in can be enjoyed in emotional digital motion art under the five themes of the sounds of lapping waves on the beach, crackling firewood, flowing forest streams, and chirping crickets.

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