Monday, June 10, 2024


UModeler Launches Next-Generation 3D Modeling Service

Tripolygon announced that it has changed its name to UModeler in conjunction with the launch of its next-generation 3D modeling service. The name change reflects the company's focus on core capabilities as it aims to make advances in next-generation global 3D modeling services and to strengthen its brand identity as a leading 3D modeling service in the metaverse industry.

UModeler, established in December 2018, is the developer of its eponymous real-time 3D modeling tool for Unity. It is the only Korean company to have established a verified solutions partnership (VSP) with Unity. In 2022, the company secured USD 5.0 million in series A funding, further proving its technological competence and growth potential.

In addition to the name change, UModeler launched UModeler X, a high-end 3D modeling solution, in beta for Zepeto creators at the end of March. UModeler X provides all the necessary features for real-time 3D asset creation, including high polygon modeling, modifier, rigging, and painting. The Unity version will expand its user base to encompass Unity developers and VRChat users, with plans to release a desktop and web version by the end of the year to target metaverse users in various environments.

Jaesik Hwang, UModeler CEO, stated, “Through the beta version of UModeler X based on Unity, starting with the Zepeto platform, we plan to gradually expand our user base to Unity developers and VRChat users. By the end of the year, we plan to target Roblox, the world's leading metaverse platform, with the desktop and web version of UModeler X. We will strive to maintain our position as a leading player in the metaverse industry by continuously developing technology and providing convenient and diverse services to metaverse users.”

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