Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Newploy officially launches HR and Payroll AI Automation Manager app

Newploy which operates HR and payroll automation services, announced on the 1st that it has officially launched the Newploy Manager App, an integrated employee management service for enterprises and small businesses.

The Manager App, which was officially released is equipped with NewPloy AI technology to provide a simpler and more automated payroll processing environment by creating a payroll ledger according to the latest Labor Standards Act, such as annual salary, daily salary, hourly salary, automatic calculation of retirement benefits, and automatic payroll transfer without external human intervention.

In addition, upgraded existing services such as time and attendance management and work scheduling, annual leave management (supporting the savings vacation system), electronic labor contracts, payroll processing for employees who quit, simple faxing of the four major insurance loss reports, and payment of withholding taxes to automate tasks that were repeatedly performed every month so that they can be easily handled.

In particular, through system integration with commercial banks, NewPloy not only provides automatic payroll transfer function according to preset settings without separate internet banking login, but also automatically generates and sends pay stubs that meet the Ministry of Labor guidelines.

"Newploy has implemented a complete automation service by concentrating our technology to ease the difficulties of small and medium-sized businesses that cannot utilize outsourcers in handling payroll and HR tasks," said Kim Jinyong, CEO of Newploy. "In the first half of this year, we will focus on improving the completeness of the automation of HR and payroll tasks by adding features such as providing withholding tax return files and automatically creating recruitment.

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