Monday, June 10, 2024

Gangwon ccei

Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center Recruits Participants for Local Venture Support Project

Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center announced that it is recruiting the second round of participants for the '2023 Gangwon Local Venture Company Growth Stage Customized Support Project', which is promoted by the Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center to revitalize local entrepreneurship, until June 21.

Anyone who is planning to start a local venture company or a business that utilizes local resources to increase the value and competitiveness of the region can apply. However, the business must be located in Gangwon-do or be planning to relocate.

Selected companies will receive 20 million won in commercialization funding and programs to strengthen their capabilities in finance, taxation, legal, menu development, and networking, and additional support will be provided to outstanding companies.

"It is an attractive program for (prospective) entrepreneurs who dream of starting a business in Gangwon Province because it can be supported not only in Gangwon Province but also nationwide," said the business manager. "We look forward to the participation of those who want to challenge local startups that convey the possibilities and values of Gangwon Province to consumers."

Meanwhile, the project, which has been in operation for three years since '21, has shown results such as 21 companies achieving sales of more than 100 million won and one company receiving 500 million won in investment through support programs tailored to the business stage of participating companies.