Sunday, July 14, 2024

Gangwon ccei

Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center, Gangwon Online Marketer Training Project, Gangneung, Wonju, Chuncheon simultaneously opened

On March 7, the Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center held the opening ceremony of the '2023 5th Gangwon Online Marketer Training Project,' which is promoted by the Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center to train online marketing professionals and expand the online market sales of small businesses.

Held simultaneously at Catholic Kanto University (Gangneung), Gangwon Innovation Center Regional Business Unit (Wonju), and Gangwon Innovation Center MOCA Square (Chuncheon), a total of 40 marketers, Gangwon Provincial Office Jobs Division Team Leader Lee Sang-bong, and other guests participated in the opening ceremony, which included business explanation and training orientation, participant introduction, and first-day training.

The fifth batch of online marketers, comprised of residents interested in online marketing and university students in the province, will receive four weeks of specialized training to enhance their marketing capabilities and will be matched with small businesses in the province to support their online marketing. Participating marketers will receive a total of 1.2 million won in activity fees.

Meanwhile, the Gangwon Online Marketer Training Program, which started as a pilot project in 2020, trained about 190 marketers and helped 150 companies expand their online sales by the 5th period in the first half of 2023, and plans to continue training marketers through the 6th period in the second half of 2023.