Saturday, July 13, 2024


Tech Seoul hosts 'NYC Korean Startup Showcase' to help Korean tech startups go global

Photo: Korean startup participants taking photos with VCs after their pitches.

Photo: Endocura CEO Jung Ho, Park  giving a presentation. 

image credit : Tech Seoul

Tech Seoul Inc announced on Sept. 26 that it hosted the NYC Korean Startup Showcase in New York, U.S., in conjunction with Starta VC of New York.

The NYC Korean Startup Showcase, which took place from the 18th to the 22nd of this month, was organized to support three auditioned tech startups to enter the U.S. in conjunction with them Ulsan Creative Economy Innovation Center's U-Star Global program, Ulsan's flagship accelerator program that helps companies go global and attract investment.

Startups that participated in the NYC Korean Startup Showcase include Poscore (developing magnetic materials for eco-friendly automobiles, electronics, and electrical components using steel scrap), CBB Science (developing new graphene-silicon cathode material technology for next-generation secondary batteries), and Endocura (developing topically administered anti-cancer drugs).

"The 'NYC Korean Startup Showcase' was a helpful program for tech entrepreneurs supported by the Ulsan Creative Economy Innovation Center to enter the global market, and we will continue to prepare various programs to help companies go global," said Su-jin Hue, Team Leader of the Ulsan Center Creative Economy Innovation Center.

Anastasia Lykova, Partner at Starta VC, said, "After the successful completion of our joint Korean Immersion program, we are thrilled to continue our collaboration with the startups! I think the potential of these companies is quite exciting and something that a lot of US investors are not exposed to. We will be excited to introduce them to these opportunities and we intend to continue to work together to ensure that more American investors have the opportunity to learn about innovative Korean companies"

"We believe that the NYC Korean Startup Showcase, a program organized by Tech Seoul and prepared in collaboration with Starta VC, a leading VC in New York, is the most effective and fruitful program for Korean startups visiting New York," said Thomas Park, CEO of Tech Seoul.

CEO Thomas Park then said, “Tech Seoul plans to invite about 300 Korean startups to New York in the future and support their global expansion to become New York’s representative Korean Wave startups.”