Monday, June 10, 2024


Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center conducts education to strengthen startup investment capabilities

The Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center announced that it will hold a 'Startup Investment Capacity Building Training' at the Orakai Songdo Park Hotel on the 24th.

Under the theme of "Strengthening the Investment Capabilities of Startups in the AI-Based Content Industry," this training consists of competitions and network hours, and is operated not only for officials such as startup investment institutions and venture capital but also for workers in related industries.

The three-course lecture will begin with Hyunsong Lee, CEO of Smart Study Ventures, a top-tier investor in domestic and international cultural content, and will conclude with Byoungchan (Ben) Eum, CBO of Mondrian AI and Su min YI, CEO of Wayne Hills Bryant A.I., who are leading the AI-based content industry.

"We expect this training program to not only help participants identify investment trends in related fields, but also to have a positive impact on expanding exchanges between public officials," said Han-seop Lee, director of the Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center.