Thursday, February 15, 2024


Callus Company Launches the Sprint Program: A New Horizon for Teen Career Development

Callus Company, the provider of the "Sprint Program", an education service linking internships designed to assist teenagers in exploring their career paths, has revealed plans for special events in light of the official launch of the service.

The Sprint Program is an educational service tailored for teenagers, offering them the opportunity to intern at startups related to their chosen career fields. This program assists these young adults in identifying their job compatibility and gaining practical experience. Callus Company has collaborated with a myriad of startups and social enterprises around the world to provide such opportunities.

Ryan Kim, CEO of Callus Company, highlighted, "The distinctive feature that sets the Sprint Program apart from traditional internships is that it's based on a curriculum meticulously designed down to the minute from an educational engineering perspective." He added, "In agile startups, teenagers have greater opportunities to contribute and learn, and startups can offer values that large corporations cannot provide," expounding on the advantages of the Sprint Program.

Callus Company has revealed that the previously limited Sprint Program, after undergoing a renewal, will be widely available via their website starting in July. In addition, a discount event is scheduled to run until August 31st to commemorate the launch of the service.

Kim commented, "We've reinterpreted and upgraded the internships for teenagers, which were previously limited to 'building resume', into an educational program tailored to high school students' perspectives." He further expressed, "Going forward, Callus Company will work to increase the accessibility of the Sprint Program to provide more students with real-world educational services through practical experiences."

On a related note, Callus Company, which secured investment from global investment firm Antler in October 2022, has successfully raised seed investment in April this year, thereby accelerating service expansion and technology development.

About Callus Company

Callus Company offers the 'Sprint Program', a curriculum-based internship program for teenagers. Through the Sprint Program, teenagers can participate as remote interns in startups related to their desired career paths, following a curriculum designed from an educational engineering perspective. Currently, Callus Company collaborates with a broad range of startups, both domestic and international, providing countless teenagers the opportunity to explore their career paths.

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