Saturday, July 6, 2024


Wrtn Technologies, Seyoung Lee CEO Interview

photo: Wrtn Technologies, Seyoung Lee CEO

To celebrate the launch of Tech Seoul, we started to meet CEOs representing Korean startups. Today, for the second time meeting, we interviewed Seyoung Lee, CEO of Wrtn Technologies. Interviews were conducted in writing.

Good morning, Mr. Seyoung Lee, thank you for taking the time to meet us today. An interview with Seyoung Lee, CEO of Wrtn Technologies, which provides AI writing solution ‘Wrtn, will be a very interesting and informative moment for Tech Seoul readers.

Q Please introduce your company

Wrtn Technologies Inc is a leading startup in Korea that deals with super-generated artificial intelligence (Generative AI), which is rapidly growing recently. Based on AI's ability to create text and images, it operates an "AI content creation platform for business" and is mainly targeted at knowledge and creative industries.

Q. What kind of projects are planned for 2023?

In the future, we are about to enter a number of non-English speaking countries in addition to Korean and English, which are already in service, by utilizing model application capabilities that enable product development in a short period of time regardless of language.

Q. What's the story behind your company?

The early members of Wrtn Technologies have been volunteering to help young people write since 2014, even before the company was founded. Members who have been steadily carrying out activities since high school and college students are currently members of the company. Members who have directly established and operated KSCY (Korea Scholar’s Conference for Youth) saw the development of Generative AI technology in the process of overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, and started the business to solve the difficulties of expression for more people.

Q. Now, 2023 is starting anew, is there anything you personally want to do in 2023?

Helping members grow so that Wrtn Technologies can grow 10x both on the service side and on the company side is what I want the most. In the process, it can be said that it is my goal to achieve growth as a representative who can lead the growth of Wrtn Technologies and its members.

Q. If you ask people who know you well what three words best describe you, what would they say?

The three words that describe me and my team are challenge, execution, and speed. The Wrtn Technologies team consists of people who have motivated themselves to set and achieve high goals that they believe are impossible. It's a team that quickly moves to action based on fast learning. Based on fast learning, fast execution, and fast growth, we are challenging high goals that we think are impossible.

Q. What companies are competitors and why are they doing well?

Among the early applications, the company with the best play is Jasper. It is a business content creation platform that creates advertising text, e-commerce product sales text, emails, etc. Through rapid product launch, we were able to continue to preoccupy English-speaking users and accumulated user data. By fine-tuning the accumulated user data, we created our own specialized model. Users continue to choose Jasper because of the better creation of specialized models optimized for business use cases such as copywriting and copywriting. Jasper continued to learn its own model in the process of increasing users. In this process, we were able to advance our operating technology, which provides integrated value by integrating various models. In the two years since its launch, it has become a unicorn company with a value of about KRW 2 trillion, and generated nearly $ 100 million in annual sales last year. Wrtn Technologies will use the same strategy to gain the most advantage in non-English speaking markets. Wrtn Technologies has a strategy to focus on non-English speaking languages, mainly Korean and Japanese.

Q. Where do you see your company in three years?

Ultimately, we aim to become a useful tool that expands the creativity of people in the global knowledge and creative industries by creating a service that can become a 'killer app' in the global Generative AI application market.

Q. Thank you for your time today. We wish Wrtn Technologies's endless development. Lastly, please say hello to the readers of Tech Seoul.

Thank you for reading the article and for your interest in Wrtn Technologies. In 2023, as Korea's representative Generative AI company, we will become Wrtn Technologies, which develops services that can help more people. To the readers of Tech Seoul, we ask for your continued interest and support in Wrtn Technologies, and we will make Wrtn Technologies be by your side when you need it.